Last updated on October 17th, 2006.

2006 Geometry & Topology Day at Konkuk University

November 18, 2006
Konkuk University, Seoul, Korea

The aim of this workshop is to encourage academic activities in the area of geometry and topology in Korea and promote friendly relations between researchers in this area.


Sung-Eun Koh, Dosang Joe and Sang Jin Lee

Invited speakers

Cha, Jae Choon (ICU)
Choe, Jaigyoung (KIAS)
Hwang, Jun-Muk (KIAS)
Keum, JongHae (KIAS)
Park, Jongil (Seoul National Univ.)


All lectures will be in Room 201 of the College of Science at Konkuk University.

09:50-10:00 Opening address
10:00-10:50JongHae Keum Quotients of fake projective planes
10:50-11:10-- Coffee Break --
11:10-12:00Jun-Muk Hwang Deformation of holomorphic maps onto Kaehler manifolds
12:00-02:00-- Lunch --
02:00-02:50Jaigyoung Choe Total curvatures in differential geometry
02:50-03:20-- Coffee Break --
03:20-04:10Jae Choon Cha Invariants from Atiyah type theorems and applications to links
04:20-05:10Jongil Park A note on simply connected 4-manifolds with b_2^+=1



For any inquiries on the workshop, please contact

Prof. Sang Jin Lee
Dept. Math., Konkuk University
1 Hwayang-dong, Gwangjin-Gu, Seoul Korea
Phone: 02-450-3407